Services & Pricing




     ~ Includes selection of one or two stock photos/artwork, lettering and basic photo manipulation. Stock images may be supplied by the client or myself. If you do not have a image you wish to use,  you must have specific instructions about what kind of photo/artwork you want.

Quality (1 or 2 images with design details) $75-125

    ~ Includes a more in-depth design including selection of stock photos/artwork, lettering and photo manipulation where necessary.

Intricate (2 or more images with design details) $100-150

     ~ For authors who are seeking specialized covers that require a lot of photo manipulation.

Each of the listed prices are for the author finding/researching the image and may or may not include the purchase of the image, depending on the price of the image.  If I will be doing the research/sourcing of the images it will be a minimum additional charge of $50.

Below you will see a basic outline of my prices.  These are loosely based because every persons’ needs are different.  Please Contact me for a more accurate price quote if interested in my services.

Please answer the following questions in an email if you wish to inquire about designing your cover:
~What is your vision on how you would like the cover to look?

~Please include a brief description of the book to aid me in designing the cover.

I can also create advertising materials.  Please contact me for pricing.


Made from Ebook covers $50


(made from existing cover) $50


Made from Ebook Cover $50-100

~ Includes spine and back cover for printing.

Design Process

I will first start to look for images for the cover or begin manipulating the images you have provided.

I will create a few rough covers which I will email to you to see if I am on the correct path to creating your vision. This can sometimes include emailing back and forth several times to get the cover perfect!

Once you have given your final approval,  I will invoice you through PayPal. 

When the invoice has been paid, I will email you the cover.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of the cover.  In most cases the cover can be created in a few days, but will depend on my work load and the complexity of the cover.

I prefer to work closely with authors and appreciate any suggestions or concerns. I want you to be completely happy with the final product and will work until that is achieved.